Friday, September 26, 2008

Swini Khare is thankful for ZND

She says, “My dancing has improved because of the show and it has made me more confident. The memories that I have of the show will always be with me in my heart. ZND has been a joyride for me. I have enjoyed each and every moment of the experience.” Swini is all praise for the show and the channel, saying, “I hope Star One comes up more exciting projects such as ZND. I think that Star has some of the best channels and series on television today. Their immense experience with making shows and their mind-blowing concepts keep them ahead of the pack. I am proud to have worked with them and I will definitely jump at a chance to do more work with them in the future.”Apart from showing off her dancing skills in ZND, Swini has her plate full with several movies up for release. Swini says, “My next film, Hari Puttar, will release this Friday. In the movie, I play the role of an impish girl named Took Took, who helps throw out a thief from her house with her friend Zain Khan. It’s a complete laugh riot and I hope people enjoy watching it. I’m also doing a film called Pathsala with Shahid Kapoor where I am playing a student. Other than that there is Kallo, which is a ghost story full of thrills and shocking scenes.

Narayani Shashtri’s shadow magic on ZND

Practicing for the duet was not an easy task. She says, “It was very complicated. When our choreographers were clueless of how to continue the steps, Mouni and I took charge and we tried our hand at it for a couple of hours before getting it right.”Was she nervous because of the sketchy rehearsals? “Optimistic is the word! I am a hardcore believer that anything can be done and I knew I would deliver on ZND. My performances speak for themselves. And my shadow dancing performance certainly did so as well,” she says. And she did deliver. Narayani is please because the judges were ecstatic with the performance. “They said it was stunningly. We got a standing ovation and it made our day. Mouni and I were bombarded with applause and screaming from the audiences who wanted an encore. Malaika Arora and Chunky Pandey gave us the best feedback.”She adds. “While everyone around us was cheering, we were just fixed on the stage like statues. We felt like goddesses and were thoroughly enjoying the attention. I can’t wait for the show to air on Sunday and see what the public thinks of it. Be sure to keep watching ZND for some more fiery performances.”

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Performing in front of the stars

"I never get nervous while performing in front of anyone. There is nothing to be scared of. You are a contestant and you have to keep performing better. That's how it works for me."

Chaitanya said "It was better performing in front of them. I was confident enough and feared nothing. I think it was excellent and satisfactory because they gave us very authentic comments on our performance. And seemed it was not us who were stressed, but Tushar and Raima were looking a bit frazzled."

Gaurav chopra said "Performing in front of them was fun. I was pretty much sure and confident and there was no sign of nervousness. According to everyone this was my best performance till date. All my judges and Tushar and Raima were also happy and gave me good remarks on my performance. This has only boosted my morale. I am really charged up now. I never felt stressed because I have performed in front of Amitabh Bachchan, Karan Johar and a lot others.

Karishma deems in "Poora Nachke Dikha on ZND"…

About ZND, she says, “Let me put it this way, ZND has inimitable and very fundamental concept and on top of that, there is no fear of being abolished from the show. And that’s splendid you know! And the recognition and gratitude, we get from each other has also got to go with the ZND, where every one is so gung ho as well supportive”.

Any of your preferred recitation, she utters, “Well, there was this boy act done by me, which was very challenging, but I fell it from my heart that, Poora Nachke Dikha on Zara Nachke Dikha. And that actually goes glowing with me, every on harmonized for the performance. At last I would add to that every performance of mine comes to the perfection, and that’s because I always give my top shot in what so ever”.

Any words for your squad, “Yes, come on ladies, we have to pull the victory our side. We have to surmount the battle of sexes. Watch out for fireworks guys!!!”

Dancing Queen blanked out

She says, "My toes were uprooted before the performance. However, then I took pain killers so it did feel better for a moment. So I went ahead with the performance but in midst again I could not budge. I was not blanked out because I forgot the steps or something like that."

Asked about injury, she reveals, "I am getting better however for at least a week I have to sit out of the show. I can't perform because of the damage. Nevertheless, I will make my comeback next time so watch out for that."

What is your take on the bikini act by boys? "I don't think there was anything extraordinary. I feel it wasn't tastefully done. And frankly speaking, personally too I didn't like the act. There was a lot of co-ordination lacking between guys in the act."

Get well soon Narayani.

Dance floor ka 'sehansaah' turns bikini boy

He says, "I agree, it was my initiative to perform in a bikini in the mausam mastana track where all guys wear bikini. We discussed it among boys and Bakhtiyar backed me. That's how it came about.

"But subsequently my contemplation was to execute in faction. Somehow we landed doing it in a group of three. My intention backing it was to look cute something different and make it funny, so it happened. It turned out to be an ultra smack".

When asked about getting mortified on the show, he declares, "I never meant to do all this cheeky proceeds as it does not go glow with my personality. However at times it's excellent to be a shocker, than just being customary.

"Even though I was so embarrassed on the show I got astounding comments from both the judges as well audiences. Every one enjoyed the act thoroughly, left me felling uncomfortable," he laughs.

Jennifer Winget: Straight from the heart

She says, "ZND's format is damn refreshing and a platform for me to discover my dancing skills. It is my first dance realty show so I am having a gala time on the show".

When asked about why ZND is so special, she innocently says, "Because I am doing it. Everything I do is special for me and I put my heart and soul into it. That's why. It has a great production team and people are so nice to mingle with. The contestants of ZND are the best I have come across so far."

Any message for both the teams? "Ladies you all are so talented. Just have to kill the mocking birds around. And take the finale home. Let's do it. For boys, toil harder lads", she laughs.